C/c++ driver find_one and extract info from array

Hello all. I’m developing a gaming inventory management system for a game using mongodb.


Here I have the file from the Account “gg” and character “pipi”.
inside the array invenItem there is all my obejcts itens.

I need to do a search by the id,name and them inside the array by the dwCode, dwHead and dwChkSum. Then I need to extract the “IDA” and put to a variable.
I will only have one document per character.

Forgot my actual code:

	auto cursor = InventoryCollection.find_one(
					kvp("ID", Player->getAccount()),
					kvp("nick", Player->getName()),
					kvp("invenItem.dwHead", static_cast<signed long>(Head)),
					kvp("invenItem.dwCode", static_cast<signed long>(Code)),
					kvp("invenItem.dwChkSum", static_cast<signed long>(ChkSum))

Hello all.
With the lack of the support from the MongoDB team/community I got to find my own way to this after several hours.

For anyone with the same problem I came to this solution:

	mongocxx::pipeline pipe{};
	pipe.match(make_document(kvp("ID", "gg"), kvp("nick", "pipi"))); //if my main element has this
	pipe.unwind("$invenItem"); //unwind the array
	pipe.sort(document{} << "invenItem.IDA" << 1 << finalize); // sort by the IDA element
			kvp("invenItem", make_document(kvp("$ne", bsoncxx::builder::basic::array{})))
	); // make an array with a invenItem document if it isn't empty

	auto cursor2 = InventoryCollection.aggregate(pipe, mongocxx::options::aggregate{});
	int i = 0;
	for (auto doc : cursor2) {
		std::cout << bsoncxx::to_json(doc) << std::endl;
		Player->InvenItemInfo[i].dwCode = doc["invenItem"]["dwCode"].get_int32();
		Player->InvenItemInfo[i].dwKey = doc["invenItem"]["dwHead"].get_int32();
		Player->InvenItemInfo[i].dwSum = doc["invenItem"]["dwChkSum"].get_int32();


		if (i > 100)

My main problem now is the for (auto doc : cursor2) part taking around ~1 ms. (5 invenItem documents)
While searching a file and opening it with commands like fread then copying the data from it to a struct take around 0.5ms. (15+ invenItem documents)