C# BulkWriteAsync, Transactions and Results

Hello all,
I am relatively new to working with mongodb. Currently I am getting a little more familiar with the API and especially with C# drivers. I have a few understanding questions around bulk updates. As the C# driver offers a BulkWriteAsync method, I could read a lot about it in the mongo documentation. As I understand, it is possible to configure the BulkWrite not to stop in case of an error at any step. This can be done by use the unordered setting. What I did not found is, what happens to the data. Does the database do a rollback in case of an error? Or do I have to use a surrounding by myself? In case of an error: can I get details of which step was not successful? Think of a bulk with updates on 100 documents. Can I find out, which updates were not successfull? As the BulkWriteResult offers very little information, I am not sure if this operation is realy a good one for me.

thanks in advance

The result will contain any documents that were not written. There is an example here.

To ensure you don’t lose writes you should use a properly configured replica set. . The easiest way to ensure you have a properly configured replica set and the associated write Concern is to use an Atlas cluster.