bulkWrite async in Java

How to implement bulkWrite async in Java?


For async, please see MongoDB Java Driver: Reactive Stream. An example of an ordered BulkWrite operations:

// 1. Ordered bulk operation - order is guaranteed
  Arrays.asList(new InsertOneModel<>(new Document("_id", 4)),
                new InsertOneModel<>(new Document("_id", 5)),
                new InsertOneModel<>(new Document("_id", 6)),
                new UpdateOneModel<>(new Document("_id", 1),
                                     new Document("$set", new Document("x", 2))),
                new DeleteOneModel<>(new Document("_id", 2)),
                new ReplaceOneModel<>(new Document("_id", 3),
                                      new Document("_id", 3).append("x", 4))))
.subscribe(new ObservableSubscriber<BulkWriteResult>());

Please see also Reactive Stream Tutorials: Bulk Writes for more information


Thanks and appreciated !!