Building unique index on array of embedded documents

Hello all,

I’m facing some difficulties to create a unique index:

Example collection with documents:

I want to be able to avoid duplicated dates in each documents. I tried to create a unique index but it doesn’t work.

I tried to create some index:
1 - {‘’: 1}, {‘unique’: true}
I understand why it doesn’t work. There is no distinction between documents.

2 - {‘name’:1, ‘’: 1}, {‘unique’: true}
Note: Name value is unique
But why this one doesn’t work.

For example, I was expecting that the following update will raise a duplicate error message. Because an existing index value should already exist with name:service1 && 2021-05-02.
That’s not the case. This update is successful.

{’_id’:1}, {"$set":{‘’:{‘date’: ‘2021-05-02’, ‘result’: 22}

Final document:

What’s wrong with my understanding ?
How to create correctly the index for this feature?

Thanks for your help.

Hello @Julien_AVON, welcome to the MongoDB Community forum!

Indexes on array fields are called as Multikey Indexes. The unique index with array fields is only possible across documents - not within the same document.

See note on Unique Multikey Index in MongoDB Manual:

For unique indexes, the unique constraint applies across separate documents in the collection rather than within a single document.

Because the unique constraint applies to separate documents, for a unique multikey index, a document may have array elements that result in repeating index key values as long as the index key values for that document do not duplicate those of another document.

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