Building new shards 404 not found

Creating new clusters page gets a 404 not found at random, and managing your clusters is 404 not found at random.

It’s not just my private account having this issue, there are 5 in the last 4 hours that experienced this, two of them on the same zoom meeting live.

It seems to be random and fixed by just refreshing Atlas but just fyi.

The condition occurs when you click the tab in Atlas saying: “App Services” and it gives you a 404 page not found.

Refresh atlas and it may still happen again, refresh another time or so and it’ll come back up like normal.

Browser agnostic: Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox all experience this.

Not trying to come off as whiney or anything, it’s just a tad annoying when you’re trying to build test environments to verify a quick functionality or something and the environment doesn’t work.

And it’s added to the random disconnects in the VS Code plugin which is why we’ve all started going to Atlas directly to test things out.