Building MongoDB compass for arm

I am trying to build compass for mac m1 fedora. I get this error
Downloading csfle library for package mongodb-compasse:node_modules/rxjs Completed in 11902ms
Error: Could not find download URL for version 7.3.3 {:node_modules/rxjs Completed in 11902ms
version: ‘*’,
enterprise: true,
crypt_shared: true,
distro: ‘rhel80’,
arch: [ ‘arm64’, ‘aarch64’ ],
platform: ‘linux’,
allowedTags: [ ‘production_release’, ‘continuous_release’ ],
target: [ { value: ‘rhel80’, priority: 1000 } ],
cryptd: false
I think this means it is trying to get a pre built binary for cslf. Any pointers on how I can solve the issue ?