Building .lib instead of .dll files for /lib/ for windows

I have currently built the c driver using the following:

mongo c driver 1.17.5
gcc 12.2.1
Windows 10 64-bit

and using the following cmake options

cmake -G "MSYS Makefiles" 
 -DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=C:\mongo-c-driver ..

and building using the following arguments
cmake --build . --config RelWithDebInfo --target install

The build is successful. However, I am working to link a lua-mongo driver with the built mongo-c-driver. It is unable to build because there are references two libraries libbson-1.0.lib and mongoc-1.0.lib that are two parts of the Mongo-C-Driver and should be located in \mongo-c-driver\lib\. I have the following files in my \lib\ folder


Is there any cmake arguments to force build these libraries as .lib files?