Build from source mongodb 7.2.1

My major problem was that I have a machine with a restrictive chipset for running “normal” MongoDB. In my case, I required running MongoDB without AVX instructions. Usually, I compile MongoDB from scratch using a different repository for that purpose. However, when MongoDB upgraded to version > 7.0 and incorporated Poetry, it became really embarrassing to build MongoDB.

I don’t understand why poetry.lock is more updated than pyproject.toml when running:

RUN python3 -m poetry install --no-root --sync

I encounter this problem:

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'mongo_tooling_metrics':
  File "/src/SConstruct", line 28:
    from mongo_tooling_metrics.lib.top_level_metrics import SConsToolingMetrics
The command '/bin/sh -c python3 buildscripts/ install-mongod --disable-warnings-as-errors' returned a non-zero code: 2

If I watch poetry.lock, I find it in this file but not in pyproject.toml.


name = "mongo-tooling-metrics"
version = "1.0.8"
description = "A slim library which leverages Pydantic to reliably collect type enforced metrics and store them to MongoDB."
optional = false
python-versions = ">=3.7,<4.0"
files = [
    {file = "mongo_tooling_metrics-1.0.8-py3-none-any.whl", hash = "sha256:6f022c07e55bedd06c9fbb19daf4118b38ac1bc290c9a645b5c1ef39cf905003"},
    {file = "mongo_tooling_metrics-1.0.8.tar.gz", hash = "sha256:1f10712b237a8c99551a4b63ce4e62db42aca05ef6d054af728b55081dd477d4"},

Finally, if there is any human generosity, please help me to create a Dockerfile for my cause.

FROM debian:11 as build

RUN apt update -y && apt install -y build-essential \
        libcurl4-openssl-dev \
        liblzma-dev \
        libssl-dev \
        python-dev-is-python3 \
        python3-pip \
        curl \
        wget \
        python3-venv \ 
    	&& rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/*


RUN mkdir /src && \
    curl -o /tmp/mongo.tar.gz -L "${MONGO_VERSION}.tar.gz" && \
    tar xaf /tmp/mongo.tar.gz --strip-components=1 -C /src && \
    rm /tmp/mongo.tar.gz


COPY ./o2_patch.diff /o2_patch.diff
RUN patch -p1 < /o2_patch.diff


RUN python3 -m pip install 'poetry==1.5.1'
RUN python3 -m poetry install --no-root --sync
RUN python3 buildscripts/ install-mongod --disable-warnings-as-errors
RUN mv build/install /install
RUN strip --strip-debug /install/bin/mongod
RUN strip --strip-debug /install/bin/mongos
RUN rm -rf build

FROM debian:11

RUN apt update -y && \
    apt install -y libcurl4 && \
    apt-get clean \
    && rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/*

COPY --from=build /install/bin/mongo* /usr/local/bin/

RUN mkdir -p /data/db && \
    chmod -R 750 /data && \
    chown -R 999:999 /data

USER 999

ENTRYPOINT [ "/usr/local/bin/mongod" ]

I could resolve this with mongo-tooling-metrics · PyPI

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