Build a full-stack app using MongoDB Realm GraphQL (without worrying about servers at all)

Hi there, I am Sourabh Bagrecha from the city of lakes Udaipur, currently working as a Software Engineer at MongoDB. One of the things I enjoy the most is building full-stack apps using React.js, Node.js, and MongoDB. And every time I start a new project I find myself spending a lot of time on a very basic and common feature you will find in every other application out there: Authentication.

Implementing authentication in your app usually requires you to create and deploy a server while making sure that emails are unique, passwords are encrypted and sessions/tokens are managed securely.
But in an ideal scenario, your time as a developer should be spent on implementing features that matter to your customer and not on reinventing the wheel on your own.

This article will be an introduction to the world of MongoDB Realm by building an expense manager application called Expengo.

Use this topic to post your doubts, concerns, and any error that you are facing while following the tutorial.