Build a full-stack app using MongoDB Realm GraphQL (without worrying about servers at all)

Hi there :wave: , I am Sourabh Bagrecha from the city of lakes Udaipur, currently working as a Software Engineer at MongoDB. One of the things I enjoy the most is building full-stack apps using React.js, Node.js, and MongoDB.

And I certainly believe that our time as a developer should be spent on implementing features that matter to our customers and not reinventing the wheel on our own.

Authentication & Authorization, CRUD operations, Analytics, etc are some of the things that are common to every full-stack application, and whenever I get a billion-dollar-app idea, my muscle memory immediately launches a new express.js server with all the server and mongoose configs.

Most of the time, I just get lost in the process of building the APIs rather than thinking about features that are unique and important to my app.

Last week, I published an 8 part blog series explaining How to Build a Full-stack Web App without creating a server at all.

We will learn how we can utilize the Atlas GraphQL API and App Services to implement an expense manager in React.js. We will learn how we can eliminate the burden of creating and maintaining APIs to perform Authentication, CRUD operations, Analytics, etc, just by utilizing the Free tier Atlas Database.

We will also learn how to host our React App for free using MongoDB’s Atlas Static Website Hosting.

Use this topic to post your doubts, concerns, and any error that you are facing while following the tutorial.