Bug in Realm, Filters are only applied once in calls made together


As seen in the image above, I am calling find on a collection twice. Both queries should return all the documents in the collection.

What’s going on? This function is being called via a specific user which has certain rules and filters applied. Filters will filter the collection so that users see only a subset of the collection.

As seen above the first find operation looks at the filtered collection, but the second operation looks at the entire collection.

This is also relevant when outside the function and two functions are called together (called as custom resolvers), one resolver looks at a subset of the database, another looks at the entirety of it.

This is hindering development, can anyone please let me know if this is a bug, or if this is an issue in my implementation? Thanks

Hi @Imtinan_Azhar welcome to the community!

Thanks for the report! It was investigated, and was confirmed to be an Atlas issue.

Best regards