Bug in Email alert notifications

Hi team,

I’ve noticed that email alerts on the free tier set for the target:

Host of any type

With condition:

Connections above 0

Is sending an email with a confusing messaging indicating that I’m about to exceed the 500 max connections free tier limit.

Hi Angelo,

You are receiving this alert email because connections to your cluster(s) have exceeded 500, and is nearing the connection limit for the M0 cluster Cluster0 in the Project Project 0 within Organization Purizu. Please restart your application or login to your Atlas account to see some suggested solutions.

The SMS alert is more comprehensive, and indicates how many connections are open, as a generic alert.

My use case:

I have a collection to store tokens for users that allow notifications from my mobile app.

I feel happy to know when someone has subscribed, so I’d like to receive an alert.

Maybe that would be a good target/condition to be added, as in:

Became active in the past hour

Thank you,

Angelo Reale.

Hi @Angelo_Reale1,

Can you describe the bug itself? It does sound like this is more of a feature request as opposed to a bug.

Additionally, how does the following correlate with each other?:

Perhaps using Database Triggers may be of use here since you’ve noted that you have a collection which stores tokens for users (I assume perhaps when a unique token / user is inserted then you’d like a notification of this). This wouldn’t trigger an alert directly but you could create some form of notification for when a user / token is inserted using the database triggers although this is just an idea off the top of my head based off the brief description.


Hi Jason, thanks for your reply.

Sure, I believe the confusions derives from the fact that I proposed a solution to the bug in the same report.

The bug itself is that of functional misbehavior, or an indisputable bug of sorts:

I setup an alert for > 0 connections.
I get 1-5 connections.
I’m alerted that I’m about to exceed the 500 max connections on the free tier.

It seems that the alert trigger is mapped to a static email message for free tier users, which does not dynamically includes relevant data from the cluster but that misleads the user into thinking they’re at their resource usage limits.

This can generate frustration and stress on people who are still testing or using Atlas on small workloads as free tier users.

I hope that helps us understand it better.

Have a nice day!

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Ah gotcha. Thanks for clarifying Angelo.

What i’ll try to do to reproduce this behaviour (let me know if theres anything missing in particular):

  1. Set up an alert for Host of any type with the condition Connections above 0.
  2. Connect to my cluster to check how many connections (Assuming this is 400 in my own test environment, I should not get the connection limit email but should receive the connections above 0 alert)
  3. Monitor to see if I get the “Connection limit” message in my email (which differs from the connection above 0 mentioned)

I’ll report back here with my results.


Managed to get the same email from the above steps mentioned. I will check with the team regarding this behaviour and update here once I have further information :slight_smile:

@Angelo_Reale1 - This was confirmed to be a bug should be resolved at a later date :slight_smile: Thanks for reporting this one.