Brew services list error

when I use brew services start mongodb-community I do not get any errors

but when I used brew services list I see that there is an error status showing

I am new to mac os and mongodb so I’ve been struggling with this issue for weeks.
Also I have an apple m1 chip in my computer so the directory is /opt/homebrew

Check your mongod.log.It may give more details
It could be permission issues or some dbpath/logpath dir issues

You can get location of mongod.log from mongod.cfg file which may be under /opt/homebrew/etc

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I would check the recent entries in your MongoDB log file. This terminal command should show the last 15 entries using the default location in the mongodb-community brew recipe:

 tail -n 15 $(brew --prefix)/var/log/mongodb/mongo.log

As at MongoDB 5.0, macOS server packages are Intel-only (x86_64 rather than ARM64 or Universal binary) so you will need Rosetta2 installed. You should be prompted to install Rosetta2 automatically the first time you try to run an Intel binary on an M1 Mac, but if you don’t recall ever installing this (or want to be extra sure) you could try:

softwareupdate --install-rosetta

Rosetta2 is a once-only installation, so you should not have to run this command again unless the initial install fails for some reason.