Break the Barrier Hackathon: Workshop - Innovate and Build Applications faster with MongoDB!


MongoDB is proud to be a software partner of the Break the Barrier Hackathon organized by LDRP Institute of Research and Technology.

Get Support: If you are one of the competitors, join the BTB Hackathon Group to get technical support and guidance during the hackathon. Ask any questions or doubt you have and build your applications faster with MongoDB.

MongoDB is organizing a workshop for the hackathon participants and you all are welcome to join and be a part of it.:


Innovate and Build Applications faster with MongoDB

Modeling your application’s schema - is the first thing that comes to your mind when you start planning an application for your Hackathon. Things to Is your app read or write heavy? What data is frequently accessed together? How will your data set grow and scale?

In this session, we will discuss the basics of MongoDB and the basics of data modeling using real-world examples. Learn how you can design your application’s schema better and faster with MongoDB.

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About the hackathon

The mission of KSV University, LDRP-ITR, and Break The Barrier is to inspire developers to develop ingenious solutions. We aspire in the virtual world to illuminate the real world. It’s an innovative platform and accelerator. We aim to build a community where the pioneer coders and leading industry partners could meet and collaborate toward future innovations.

Featured workshops and mentorship sessions backed by industry specialists, senior developers, and professionals. 14+ workshops are going to be hosted in June-July 2022. Be ready to dive deep into a huge pool of knowledge. Learn More

Why Join The Hackathon?

Challenges Inspire Developers Uniquely Well For Several Reasons:

  • Deadlines Create Discipline
  • The Best Learning Comes From Building And Experience
  • Prizes Are Awarded Without Taking Developers’ Intellectual Property
  • Accomplishing A Personal Challenge Brings Satisfaction And Confidence.
  • Tackling Real-World Problems Gives Immense Hands-On Experience.

Be A Part Of Break The Barrier And Let’s Bash The Barrier!


Aasawari Sahasrabuddhe

Community Triage Engineer, MongoDB

Kushagra Kesav

Curriculum Services Engineer, MongoDB


Hello All,
The workshop starts in 15 mins. Join here: :slight_smile: