Body through Postman

Hello, does anyone get only the first value when you try to get data between two dates?

“collection”: “XXXXX”,
“database”: “XXXXX”,
“dataSource”: “XXXXX”,
“filter”: {
“$and”: [
{“client_reference”: “XXXXXXXXXXXXX”},
{“timestamp”: {
“$gte”: {“$date”: “2024-03-02T01:00:00Z”},
“$lte”: {“$date”: “2024-04-03T23:59:00Z”}

Perhaps it is because your $gte does not really represent the real beginning of the day.

I would try with


rather than


Hi Steeve. It doesn’t work. Thanks anyway.

You use $date in your query, are you sure you timestamp fields are dates. If your timestamp are strings it will not work. Please share sample documents that are supposed to match. Make sure to read Formatting code and log snippets in posts so that the documents you cut-n-paste are usable.