"Big" Census Data - MongoDB to the rescue?

Hi all,
Would the following use-case be appropriate for MongoDB?

I’m looking at storing and querying census data -its something relational DBs can’t handle…

What the data looks like relationally:

  1. 500k rows (number of people in small census)
  2. 50k columns (every answer from every question)
  3. The values are 0, 1, Null (ie person answered no, yes or didn’t answer)

What queries we want to do:

  1. Aggregated Counts e.g. how many people were “born in State A” AND “are female” AND “are vegan”. In pseudo code COUNT(born_state_a=1 AND female= 1 AND vegan=1)
  2. Capable of returning result < 1 second-ish

Any and all comments are really appreciated. What do you think?


I would consider the attribute pattern for question/answer part.

That above depends more on the hardware and the setup than anything else.

But with 50k answer/question, the 16Mb limit might be reach.

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