BI Connector License with Atlas

Question about BI Connector licensing. We have tried running the BI Connector on Atlas and found the lack of configurability to make it not fit for purpose. We have collections that we do not want to expose for BI purposes and prefer to limit their availability by excluding them from the BI Connector.

It is my understanding that the BI Connector is available with an Enterprise license or when deployed in Atlas. We run our production, test, and development database instances in Atlas. Does this satisfy the license requirements to deploy the BI Connector “on premise”?

Hi There @Clay_Rowland - My name is Alexi and I am the product manager in this area. You may use the On Prem BI Connector with your Atlas instances.

Here is some explanation on our docs that shows this combination of having hosted Atlas MongoDB and On Prem BIC.
If your only reason for using On Prem is to limit collections to end users, you may also achieve this within Atlas Security. Let me know if you’d like some more information on this route. Also, I would like to hear more about your needs and where Atlas BIC didn’t fit for you. If you have some time to chat, I am more than happy to meet. This will help me understand and prioritize features. Please feel free to email me if you’re willing:

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