BI Connector for Atlas pricing is unclear

From this page it appeared that the BI Connector for Atlas was available if I had an M10 or larger cluster. So I upgraded to an M10 cluster to get the BI connector only to discover that if I enable the BI connector, it charges me additional costs. I could not find these additional BI connector prices detailed anywhere on the MongoDB website except for in my account after I upgraded to the M10 cluster. And even these pricing details are not clear:

Screen Shot 2021-03-31 at 10.19.01 AM

What is sustained monthly usage? When does the $1.47 rate apply vs the $3.84 rate?

Hi Brenton,

I’m sorry that our pricing website needs to be updated to reflect these details: at this time the user interface is the best way to get these prices.

The pricing model for the BI Connector incentivizes keeping it enabled meaning that after it has been enabled for a while in a month it stops accruing any extra charges that month.

So for example in the screenshot above, the cost s $3.84 per day up to a $45 maximum for the month: the illustrative $1.47/day comes from. dividing that $45 maximum by the number of days in a month e.g. assuming you’re leaving it enabled.

Being intellectually honest, I think we over-engineered this and ought to simplify in the future.

By the way for completeness, Atlas Data Lake offers an alternative SQL interface and can federate queries across one or more Atlas clusters!



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