Better Documentation on file structure and code completion for Settings

Hi, I would like to see in the Docs every folder a Realm app can have described also I would like every .json file which is used for settings like providers.json for example to have its own place in the Documentation and describe all fields and options it can have same like API Documentations have, this would make development much easier. (Correct me if I missed something in the Docs).

Also, I got inspiration from a front-end tool called Vite.js and I want to suggest it for the Realm settings.
Vite uses for its user config a .js file and Vite gives us also a function called defineConfig which has the advantage of giving us code completion inside the editor, I don’t know much about the Realm internals but I’m pretty sure it would be possible to define all the settings in JavaScript files instead of .json.

What do you think?