Best practices to create a collection

Hi! I’m new in NoSQL world, I started with MongoDB, I have a doubt

I Have 2 collections

  1. users: { name: String,
    phone: String,
    date_start_customer: Date}

  2. services: { name: String
    value: int}

and I want to create a 3rd collection, called sales. The main idea, is this collection has info from users and services, but idk what info should insert in sales collection, for example:

option 1:
sales: {id_user: (foreignField from users),
id_service: (foreignField from services),
date: Date}

or maybe option 2:
sales: {name_service: (foreignField from services),
phone_user: (foreignFiel from users),
date: Date}

or last option 3:
sales: { service: (a object with info from services like name and value)
user: (a object with info from users like name and phone)
date: Date}

I wanted to know what of this options is the best practice to create a collection with foreign fields. I watched a few videos, and NOSQL use nested documents, so i tought that doing this would work, but i get this error:

so, i need help for this,

thx :smiley:

Your call to find is returning a cursor and not results, hence the error. Swap to findOne or call .toArray to get the actual records.