Best method to migrate TB data from one server to another

I am in the process of planning for a migration.
I have about 10TB of data in my Transaction database which I want to migrate to an empty database on a new server.
I know a backup and restore would take a very long time. I also want to minimise downtime as much as possible.

Is there any way this can be done with minimal downtime?

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Hello @Remaketse_Maphisa
in case you are targeting on MongoDB Atlas the Life Migration might be an option to reduce the downtime to a minimum.
The Life Migration runs monogmirror in background, plus a lot of extras which makes the migration super easy. Mongomirror may pay off when you are not focussing on Atlas.
Mongopush an unofficial tool might be interesting. I just checked the side, the docker image is not found as of now, hope this is only temporary the tool is great to have at hand…


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You can use Robocopy to migrate your data from one server to another and FYI Robocopy is a CLI-based tool. also, there are many alternatives to Robocopy that are GUI-based like Goodsync, Gs Richcopy 360, and SyncThing.
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