Basic tutorials for using MongoDB for a User database

I am brand new to MongoDB and back-end development. I am looking for a tutorial on how to use MongoDB Atlas to create a user profile database for an app that I am building. Does anyone have some recommended resources for learning this.

Hello @Etan_Ginsberg, welcome to the MongoDB Community forum!

Good to know you have chosen MongoDB as the database for your app. If you are new to MongoDB, I suggest you get an introduction to the database, its features, connecting to it from a client program and performing CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) operations on the data in the database. One of the ways, is to learn from a course at the MongoDB University (it is self paced, video based and free) - and there is one titled MongoDB Basics, to start with.

In addition, there are other resources like documentation, blog posts, pod casts, etc., and you will find a menu at the top of this page to access them.

Since, you are talking about an app, what programming language are you thinking about? For example, there are university courses (you will find them from the earlier link above) for using different programming languages with MongoDB, e.g., JavaScript, Python, etc.

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