Bad auth : authentication failed issue

I am unable to access my MongoDB server in my compass. I did everything it asked, incuding providing the correct password, and it still doesnt work.

I removed the <>, So its just user:password@clu…
I know the password is right because I was able to copy it from my url inside the compass and log into my account with that password. Yet when I try to connect, it still doesnt work. My version is 1.42.2

Any help appreciated :slight_smile:

There are a couple of different user types with MongoDB Atlas.

There are Atlas users which can perform various operations on the Atlas Platform via the Atlas UI or Atlas CLI.

Also there are Datbase Users. These are used to connect to a cluster and access the database via Compass, Mongosh, application drivers and other software.

Make sure you have created and are using a database user.

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Adding to what @chris mentioned, I would recommend you check your network access on atlas portal and make sure you add the IP address from where you are trying to connect to the cluster using compass.