Backups and Restores in Mongo version 4.4

We have upgraded mongo on one of our servers to 4.4 and I don’t see mongodump or mongorestore in th bin folder which I see in 4.2 and previous versions. Any idea why they are missing and how do I do the backupd and restores in 4.4?

You have to install them separately

Mongoimport command not found for MongoDB 4.4.0 server installation on macOS

Thanks. Any insight on this error when I run as a batch file or task scheduler? I can run the mongdump command though.

Most likely you did not specified the correct user name or password.

I am able to run the mongodump command with the same userid and password in command prompt

Your password might be having special characters
In batch file it behaves differently.Try to use single quote around password and try

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