Backup databases to another backup server?

Im finding a solution for backing up all dbs from a server to another.
In my mine:
On backup server. Write a script to export all dbs from Running Server and import to backup server with crontab daily
Is that a good way to do this task?
Thanks for reading

Hi @Hu_nh_Le and welcome in the MongoDB Community :muscle: !

Usually, when you perform a backup, you just store the result of your backup in another safe location and you hope that you will never have to use it to restore your entire cluster.

There are many ways to backup a MongoDB cluster. Make sure your strategy works for your configuration (test it!) and make sure that in the event where you have to restore your entire prod infra from a backup that you are meeting your RTO.


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Hi @Hu_nh_Le,

Why you require to restore all databases. You can keep backup copy to some save location. If you are concern to keep data on running node. Then I recommend to configure delay + hidden node which keep your data on live server.

Hi @ Hu_nh_Le,

If your requirement is to restore mongodb instance on another server daily basis then the better option is to add this server as delay and hidden member of the existing replica set cluster.

Braj Mohan