Backup daemon not starting

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I’ve recently deployed a replica set with TLS authentication in a network restricted environment. I configured the Ops Manager utility and encountered some problems on the pre-flight checks Backup daemon startup, since I start the service it stays looping in the backup daemon, looking into the daemon logs I’ve discovered the following errors:

[Starting Logging - App Version:]
[main] INFO com.xgen.svc.mms.dao.mongo.MongoSvcUriImpl [] - Initialized Morphia in 3183ms
[main] INFO com.xgen.svc.mms.dao.mongo.MongoSvcUriImpl [] - Created MongoSvc with 1 client(s)
[main] INFO com.xgen.svc.brs.grid.BackupDaemonPreFlightCheck [] - Waiting for a system upgrade to complete before attempting to start the Backup Daemon. Retrying in 60 second

We’ve currently deployed on MongoDB 4.4.16 Enterprise version and Ops Manager 6.0 version. I’ve seen that that version is “deprecated”. But before the upgrade we would like to setup the utility properly.

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Based on the logs you provided, it seems like the Backup Daemon is waiting for a system upgrade to complete before it can start. This could be due to a variety of reasons, such as missing dependencies, configuration errors, or incompatible versions of MongoDB or Ops Manager.

As you are working with MongoDB Ops Manager and MongoDB Enterprise Edition. I would recommend you open a support case at MongoDB Support Portal as they have the required expertise and could help you with Root Cause Analysis and provide best solutions as per your use-case.