Backtick character is hated in form fields all over the MDB sites

have you ever tried to use backticks in any text input field to create code fragments or areas by hand, without using that code button above the text editor?

or have you tried to manually edit those backticks after using the code button?

I am not around for quite some time, and wandering back when old threads gets activity if someone has an issue. Today is one of them and I met the problem. I prefer to write all code fragments by hand, so backtick is a hobby/habit for me

But today, it pains me to write backticks because the Forum pages gets stuck at them if I try to arrow-navigate through them.

They are also printed as a single backtick and I cannot see how many of them are stacked together. It is also hard to tell if my key presses printed them because the next character I press comes in accented character version.

This is not just specific to this post editor, but also present in the title input box, tag search box, and even in global search box.

Please check the underlying scripting codes of the Forum and fix this backtick problem.


  • MacOS 14
  • MS Edge and Safari

Atlas, MDBU and Support domains are seemingly fine
Forums, Docs, Developer domains are affected

Alright now, I can confirm this is NOT related to the OS.

It is in the scripting for sure and input boxes may behave different even in a single page.

I tried this post’s page on an Opera Mini on Android 5 phone.

There are two search boxes on the page; one at the very top to make a search on all MDB sites, and one to make a search in the Forums.

On my Mac, both behaves the same and cripples on backtick character.

On Android, global search box behaves normal and shows consecutive backticks, but Forums search box cripples and show only 1.

I feel the same pain.

I prefer the way it worked before. That is why I started to use the <pre> … </pre> html tag withing [quote]...[/quote] block. More typing but it is clear what is happening.

The </> from the tool bar seems to work too but I liked the old way. It shows my ages, B-).