Azure Private Endpoint Id is not formatted correctly

I think there is an minor issue with setting up Azure Private Link since recently.
I’ve created my private link on Mongo via the Mongo Rest API, and the corresponding endpoint on my Azure subscription.
When I go to the Mongo cluster management interface, I enter the private endpoint id copied from the “Properties” tab on the Azure Portal, but I get this validation error:

The specified private endpoint id /subscriptions/REDACTED_SUB_ID/resourcegroups/REDACTED_RESOURCE_GROUP/providers/ is not formatted correctly. Azure endpoint ids must match the following pattern: ^/subscriptions/([a-z0-9-]+)/resource[gG]roups/([-\w.()]+)/providers/Microsoft.Network/privateEndpoints/([-\w.]+)$

Looking at the regex in the message, I deduced that I needed to match the casing Microsoft.Network and plural of privateEndpoints, and managed to make it work. This didn’t happen before when creating private endpoints, so I suspect either Microsoft has updated how it references private endpoints or the validation regex on Mongo Atlas was updated recently.
Either, I think it would be nice if the regex could allow for both casing ( vs Microsoft.Network) like it does for resourcegroups.