AWS VPC Peering First Time Connection Issues (New Guy Question Sorry)

Disclaimer: This is my first time setting up a connection between AWS and Atlas. Sorry if this is a new guy question but I did search the forum with no luck.
I have set up peering between an AWS VPC and an Atlas Serverless VPC, including the routing table and whitelisting my AWS CIDR. Both sides show the peering as available. However, I keep getting “MongoNetworkError: connection 1 to close” from my nodejs application. I have double check that the user/pwd are correct. The only clue I have is that when I whitelist network access from anywhere in Atlas as a test, everything works. Any idea what might be the issue? Any additional information I can provide?

I was able to get in touch with support just now (which was nice), but it turns out that peering is not supported in serverless configurations. I really wish they would disable the interface in the GUI if it is an unavailable option.

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