[AWS re:Invent attendees - START HERE] Introduction to the MongoDB Developer Community!

:wave: Welcome AWS re:Invent attendees — congrats, you made it! :smiley: :raised_hands: :tada:

You've officially arrived at our Community Forums, often the first stop for the MongoDB curious and the start of an enduring journey for many with our developer data platform. This is exactly where you should be.

:next_track_button: Read what follows to learn more and find out about next steps! :next_track_button:

A. What is the MongoDB Developer Community?

:bulb: The MongoDB Developer Community is a welcoming, vibrant, and globally distributed network of individuals — technologists, budding learners and expert practitioners, entrepreneurs, and more.

Though their goals are diverse, community members are united as learners and active contributors who are expanding the bounds of what’s possible when using MongoDB technologies, sharing their knowledge and supporting each other, and forming resilient bonds as they even meet at regular in-person events around the world.

B. Why should I get involved?

Many of our long-time community members will tell you that being an active and engaged community member has been the single greatest accelerator of their growth as practitioners, at the same time facilitating strategic connections with like-minded, curious, and passionate individuals and enabling support when it’s needed.

C. How do I get started?

Good news everyone! There are a few key ways to start contributing as a new MongoDB Developer Community member.

Check them out below. (We strongly encourage starting with #1!)

:raising_hand_woman:t5: 3 Easy Ways: Starting Out in the MongoDB Developer Community as a N00b

1. Dive into Community Forum discussions :speaking_head:

For many, the Forums are a core way they engage with the wider community and upskill their understanding of MongoDB’s many use cases. It’s a platform to take initiative by asking and responding to questions. In so doing, you will meet budding developers and master users alike. You’ll also meet MongoDB staff, who are passionate about engaging with you, learning more about your experiences with our product suite, and providing clarifying and reliable support.

How to get started

  1. Navigate to the Forum homepage.
  2. Click “Sign Up” at the top and register.
  3. Reply with a short self-introduction! Feel free to let us know your name, city, what interests you about MongoDB, and your goals! (And how we can best support you!)
  4. Review some Forum Getting Started guides, update your user profile, meander leisurely through the Forums, bookmark the link, and make it a point to revisit regularly.

Reply to this post and tag @Stennie if you have questions or feedback.

2. Apply for the MongoDB Community Champions program :trophy:

MongoDB Community Champions is a highly selective flagship program which provides our most promising community members and demonstrated community experts around the world with a highly specialized, tailored enrichment experience, including exclusive privileges (e.g. Early Access Programs, invite-only events with MongoDB leaders, high-quality professional development, travel stipends to attend VIP events, etc.), accelerated advancement of participants’ professional growth, and structured, applied opportunities to enhance participants’ effectiveness as MongoDB advocates.

The Program continues to transform in response to our Community’s desires and needs as it rapidly grows.

How to get started

Through January, we’re actively recruiting our newest slate of MongoDB Enthusiasts and Champions - the two currently available participant tiers for the Program.

To learn more, visit the official Community Champions website (note that a major update is forthcoming).

Reply to this post and tag @Billy if you’d like to apply or have questions.

3. Attend hallmark events and connect locally at MongoDB User Group (MUG) meet-ups! :busts_in_silhouette:

Join your local MongoDB User Group to attend learning sessions where you’ll hear straight from MongoDB staff or expert community practitioners on topics curated by MUG members, gain access to facilitated workshops to improve your facility with our technologies in community with others in your area, meet new like-minded friends with similar interests, and learn about opportunities for community leadership.

Though our community is vast and globally distributed, joining a MUG is a tried-and-true way to develop real local connections with other MongoDB enthusiasts and builders at all skill levels.

If there’s not a MUG active in your area, we can support you in either starting one or connecting you to an alternative MUG.

How to get started

Visit the official MongoDB User Groups website and find out if there’s an active MUG in your area. If there is, find out when their next meeting is and calendar it — right now! If not, consider starting one! :smiley:

Reply to this post and tag @Harshit and @Veronica_Cooley-Perry if you have questions.

Come for the products. Stay for the community.

Stick around. Take initiative. Connect and grow with others.

We are so glad you’re here. :green_heart:

For general program inquiries, please include your questions in your self-introduction reply to this thread. We're here to support you every step of the way and are excited to see you take advantage of all that this extraordinary community has to offer.

Be adventurous and have fun!

The MongoDB Developer Community Team