AWS PrivateLink required in all regions of multi-region cluster

Hello! I’m looking for background on the requirement that AWS PrivateLink must be active in all regions into which you deploy a multi-region cluster.

We have a multi-region cluster that will be accessed both from our data center and AWS but at this point we will only be accessing it from one AWS region. In order to set up privatelink I needed to create dummy VPC’s in the other regions, so I’m questioning the reasoning behind that.

Since connections are one way (from AWS to mongo atlas) and we have literally no code in those VPC’s, I’m assuming those extra vpc’s in our non-preferred regions are not going to see any traffic even in the case of a cluster failover. Is that correct?

Hi @dnise01 - Welcome to the community :wave:

I would recommend you please contact the Atlas support team via the in-app chat for this particular question to get confirmation as I believe this partly involves AWS’s internals as well.