AWS peering to my first cluster from atlas


I’m completely new to mondb atlas. I use an aws eks cluster to connect to this mongodb cluster (dedicatec) M10) and I have a crucial question … What is the endpoint wich I have to use to connect to my cluster ??

I have setup a peering connection between my vpc and mongodb vpc, created the route tables, and I have tested to reach each nodes of the cluster separatly (tcp test on 27017 port).

But where could I find the global connection string to connect to the cluster using this peering ?

# for i in $(seq 0 2); do nc -vw2 mycluster-shard-00-0$ 27017 ; done (192.168.xx.xx:27017) open (192.168.xx.xx:27017) open (192.168.xx.xx:27017) open

Thanks for your help.

Hey @Reza_ISSANY,

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You can get the connection string by clicking on ‘Connect’ in your Atlas account while you were setting up the peering connection. You can read more from the documentation: Configure an Atlas Network Peering Connection

Other useful links that you can go through:
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Please feel free to reach out for anything else as well.


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