AWS Atlas Data transfer fee

Hey is there any reason why my data transfer fee is 700$ ?

What is the reason for this being that high. I do not even have that amount of data and dont think AWS transfer can cost that much…


Hi there!

We’re sorry to hear you received an unexpected bill. We understand unexpected data transfer costs can arise from unoptimized queries or inefficient access patterns.

We recommend reviewing our How to Reduce Data Transfer Costs documentation for more information.

Could we ask you to contact our live Support team to investigate your data transfer costs further?

Go to:

  1. Contact Us | MongoDB
  2. Click the bubble in the lower right hand corner
  3. Click Send us a message
  4. Select “I’m looking for support”

Our Support team would be happy to investigate this issue further for you.


I am suddenly experiencing a similar problem. It all appears to happen on one day of the week as well… I am being charged for gigabytes of data from a very small cluster.