Availability of EmbeddedDocument Feature for MongoDB .NET Driver


I am currently an active user of the MongoDB .NET driver for my development projects. I noticed that the EmbeddedDocument feature is available in BSON but not in the MongoDB .NET driver.

This feature would be incredibly useful for working with nested data structures, making the overall development experience smoother and more efficient.

Is there a plan to include this feature in an upcoming release of the .NET driver? If so, could you share an approximate timeline for its availability?

Thank you very much for your attention to this matter. I appreciate the ongoing effort you put into improving this indispensable tool.

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Hi, @C_Steeven,

Welcome to the MongoDB Community Forums. I understand that you’re asking about EmbeddedDocument support in the .NET/C# Driver.

If you mean support for EmbeddedDocument in Atlas Search (CSHARP-4477), then you are correct that it is available via BSON but not as part of our fluent Search API. That work is scheduled for this quarter and should be available in the coming months. Please follow CSHARP-4477 for progress on this feature.


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Hi @James,

Thank you for your swift and detailed response. You correctly understood that I was referring to EmbeddedDocument support in Atlas Search.

I’m glad to hear that work on this feature is ongoing and I look forward to the forthcoming improvements. In the meantime, I have indeed implemented a workaround to utilize EmbeddedDocument, which suffices for my current needs.

Nonetheless, I agree with you that a more comprehensive, integrated solution would make the experience much more enjoyable. I will closely follow CSHARP-4477 to keep up to date on the progress.

Once again, thank you for your assistance and for the work you do in improving the MongoDB experience in .NET/C#.

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