Automating Keyhole / Maobi via a pipeline/script

I’m currently working on attempting to automate a process that would use both keyhole and maobi and wondered if this is something that been investigated before?
The docs for maobi imply I can pass cluster details but I can’t for the life of me figure out what those params might be. I’ve inspected the docker container and had a look about but cannot see anything that I think I can tap into.

Does you happen to know if it’s possible to automate the creation of the HTML doc via a script / jenkins pipeline? I had considered trying to fluff the upload action of the maobi form and then either use wget/curl but again, hit the wall there also.

I’m using Atlas with the purpose of this script being to make a daily report simpler to achieve. If I were then able to filter on long running queries that would also be fantastic but just automating the first part would be great.

You’re are already on Atlas and I suggest you take advantage of Performance Advisor which has a sophisticated algorithm based on usages and other factors to make recommendations. I haven’t retied on what you intend to do. But, it’s doable. It’s an HTML form and you should be able to curl to the endpoint and redirect the output to a file.

Hey Ken,

Thanks for taking the time to reply. I was using the Atlas free tier as this is part of a learning project / experiment. I will further my attempts with curl to reach some sort of automation and share any results if they’re…somewhat credible :slight_smile:

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