Automatic document deletion

Hello guys

Lets say you have a document and this document has an array, you want this document to automatically get deleted on the collection as soon as the array runs/gets empty

How do u do that? Because i have some documents with empty arrays still hanging around but i want them deleted automatically when that happens

Pleasd help

Hi @Tumelo_waheng welcome to the community!

I don’t believe we have such a feature at the moment. You can expire documents based on time using a TTL index but not based on arbitrary conditions. Currently you might need a scheduled process using db.collection.deleteMany() or implement the removal in the application side.

In the meantime, if this is an important feature for you, please provide a feedback in the MongoDB Feedback Engine.

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In addition to what Kevin has stated above, you could possibly achieve the delete by using Database Triggers (if your deployment is on Atlas) or Change Streams.



Auto-delete the whole Databases after a certain amount of time in mongodb compass please help in.

Thank you