Automate to drop the database

I’m using mongoDB 6.0.0 community and automated backup and restore database A to another server in batch script. However , by using mongorestore with -drop cant help to delete the collection not exist in backup.
would like to seek advise on how to drop existing database A and restore latest backup file in another server as would like to have same set of collections with original server.

Hi @lin_choong, welcome to the forums.

I think there are two ways to approach this.

  1. Start a brand new instance. Stop mongod, remove the file in the dbpath and start mongo again*
  2. Run a script to iterate over the existing databases and drop them before running the restore.

*Could be more involved if you need to initialise a replica set or have a sharded cluster, in which case option 2 might be simpler.

Hi Thanks for the reply.

I would like to proceed with approach #2, however i tried to use batch script earlier seem its not working . any idea of the what scripting language i can use to connect mongodb and drop the certain database?

Mongosh and javascript:

mongosh --quiet --eval 'db.adminCommand({listDatabases:1,nameOnly:true}).databases.filter(x => ["admin","config","local"].indexOf(<0).map(x => db.getSiblingDB('

Hi @chris , thanks for the script, i amended the script for my own database and its working now. :grinning:

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