Auto-update/Refresh MongoDB Charts (DataTables and Number Charts) when collection.insert is called?

I went through the autoRefresh options for mongoDB charts in the official documentation, but I would like to know if it’s possible to auto-update a dataTable and number MongoDB chart, whenever a new document is inserted into a collection (say by using change_streams or something) instead of using 10 sec (min. update frequency) timer based interval to auto-update the charts?

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Hi @Dilip_Rajkumar -

Unfortunately this is not possible today. You might want to suggest/vote on this at the MongoDB Feedback Engine to see if others are interested in this, and to help us prioritise the work.



I have some queries about the MongoDB DataTable Chart and I would like to know
1.) if we can get datatable user navigation controls, like << < 1 / 100 > >> at the bottom right of the DataTable, image so the user can get the next set of 10 results in the next frame of the datatable frame or is this feature also not available?

2.) I know we can manually adjust the column width but I was not able to adjust the justification of the column headers. So can we center, left or right justify individual columns or this is also not possible now?

Lastly, I was trying to hide the MongoDB Logo in this chart:

Also tried it in the iFrame tag in this .html file

<iframe style="background: #21313C; border: none; border-radius: 2px; box-shadow: 0 2px 10px 0 rgba(70, 76, 79, .2);" width="1360" height="800" showAttribution=false src=""></iframe>

using showAttribution=false at the end of the URL, but the logo is still visible, is it possible to hide the mongoDB logo at the bottom of any chart?

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The first two are not supported now. You could add feature requests via to help us track them.

Hiding the logo in embedded charts can be done, but the parameter is called attribution not showAttribution. I know this is a bit confusing as the prop is called showAttribution in the SDK, but the docs do describe this (see “iframe” tab on Embedded Chart Options — MongoDB Charts)


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