Auto increment findOneAndUpdate don't work PHP


I try to make a function that increases counters. It increases the counter but after that, I can reload the page and it’s not increasing. When I wait for a few minutes and reload again it increases the counter again.

I’m totally confused. why this weird behavior?

$nr = autoinc('oid');


function autoinc($sequence) {

global $db;

$nr = $db->counters->findOneAndUpdate(

    ['_id' => $sequence],
    ['$inc' => ['sequence' => 1]],
        'projection' => ['sequence' => 1],
        'returnDocument' => MongoDB\Operation\FindOneAndUpdate::RETURN_DOCUMENT_AFTER

return $nr->sequence;



        'projection' => ['sequence' => 1],
        'returnNewDocument' => true

Thank you. After I noticed this isn’t working but calling the PHP from cli. I noticed the webserver send me a cached response. Stupid me :wink: Sorry for wasting your time!

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