Authentication failed with connection string

I got authentication failed in some places. I tested with my IP and some random IP from say Starbucks. But some of the IP address, even I added them into the network access. They still cannot connect my cluster. Is there any way I can debug this issue more like detail information about the authentication failure? Or anybody encounter the same problem like mine?

All my client tried with mongodb compass with the same connection string. Is there any restriction from one region to another?

what detailed authentication error did you see?

I don’t know. The compass just show me the authentication error but no detail information show up.

Can you post the error here?

yes, this is it I just found inside compass:

Auth flows are not allowed when sign in is not triggered by user

Can you specified the conn string here?

Removes sensitive data.


Above two connection do not work for me.

This one works for me:


And how is the user configured in Atlas? Can you share if they are created equal for the same resources?

They are not.
ib-testing SCRAM * readWrite@IB-Testing All Resources
ib-dev-3 SCRAM
1 Cluster, 0 Federated Database Instances, 0 Stream Processing Instances

You have two users for the same cluster in the example above, one works and the other doesn’t, from the same origin, right? Can you validate whether the user permission that does not work is releasing him to the cluster?

Yes, from the same origin and the same project, but different cluster. Not sure what do you mean by releasing him to the cluster, you mean assign the cluster to the user? It was assigned in the database user privileges page.

Just tried to access the same cluster. I can access with the user that I created but not the user created by others in the database access.