Authentication failed, can't seem to connect to MongoDB

Can someone help me with this? I’m really stuck…
I think there is a problem with MongoDB, I cant seem to connect to the database.

I’m using sublime text to run python code.

I keep getting this error in sublime.

As you’re not showing how you authenticate (hide passwords please) it’s hard to say what went wrong.

i changed the database password to make sure, but it didn’t work.

bad auth means wrong combination of user id & pwd
Are you giving correct username & password?
Can you connect by shell or by other tools like Compass

i tried using google colab but give me error SSL certification. In sublime it gives me error bad auth same goes with python in my local

error in colab:

in sublime and python local :

Have you whitelisted your IP? or allow access from anywhere under Network security in Atlas

sorry, is this what you mean?

try and see if it works or not
Also is your port 27017 open?

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yes my port 27017 is open. added in network access but still doesn’t work… :///

is it possible that the cause of this is I’m using MongoDB online? I did not download it in my computer…

OMG it worked thank you.

i just forgot to remove the < > of credentials in connecting to the db… my bad i didnt know it should be removed haha

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