Atlas Triggers page is blank

In Atlas, when I hit the ‘Triggers’ menu item on the left hand side menu, only blank page comes.
Project id: 62cdfc0917b0ab2bdcb16697
Am I missing a permission to manage triggers?


is it “empty” as in “empty list” (hope it is not all-white screen)
or you are getting “This application has no triggers” message?

I would say it is more like all-white screen than like “empty list”. There is no title, no buttons … Hope the screenshot below will help:

at first glance, this seems an issue from the browser.

can you try clearing the browser cache and try again?

  • open developer tools (menu or press F12) and right click on the refresh button and use hard reset. this resets the page cache.
  • open settings and find the section to clear the cache. be careful not to clear your saved passwords :wink:
  • if these won’t solve, from developer tools, open the console tab and check error messages.

by the way, I haven’t done a team project before, nor I am in a multi-personal project. I will not be able to test permission issues.

so, for the benefit of the next person to join the discussion, what is given your position in this cluster management?

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Clearing the browser cache did the job - thanks Yilmaz!

If your question is about given roles within the project, my account has the following roles assigned:
Project Read Only, Project Data Access Read Only, Project Data Access Read Write

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yep, it was those roles I had in mind if the cleaning were not to work :wink:

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