Atlas SQL UNWIND on nested Arrays

Hi All,

I’m trying to pull my data through to Tableau with success, but I gave an array nested within an array and I cannot seem to unwind it.

I can unwind the first layer “Markets” of which I have a few entries in the array. Then within the data I have an array of 'Entrants" for each Market. I need to unwind Markets and then Unwind Entrants. But I cannot seem to get it to work.

My query looks like this to unwind markets,
SELECT * FROM FLATTEN(UNWIND(events WITH PATH => markets, 0, Players, home INDEX => Market_ID))

data is

__ markets (array)
__ …
__ …
____ entrants (array)
____ …
____ …

I can only seem to unwind the first array but not the nested.
Any assistance would be much appreciated.