Atlas Search Network Out Billing?


I dont understand why i have network when my search index was indexing and updating ?
Last month i was charged 4 TO of Network Out because of this.

Hi @Jonathan_Gautier,

I think the best way to handle atlas cluster specific billing issues is with our Support through your atlas project.

If you don’t have a support subscription please send a message in the Atlas chat.


No problem i have made an issue.

But community need to know you charged Network Out when Search Index, Indexing or Updating…
And for me is not normal for something work localy. Is not my fault i didn’t want this network out.

And i think you need to fix this issue because is not just billing issue, is also cluster architecture or communication management between mongodb and mongot.

I have M40 with three server and each have data in there disk, also why data need to network out ?

Thanks !

Hi @Jonathan_Gautier,

I think that Atlas members are deployed in different availability zones therefore the cloud provider charge costs for Data Transfer between zones/regions.

Replicating indexes might cause this traffic to increase.

I think there is no way to avoid it , as per my opinion but I don’t know the specific of your case.


Atlas Search has no impact on network costs and Atlas Search data never leaves or enters a node externally.

Each Atlas Search node only connects to the local mongod via collection scan during initial sync, and changestreams during steady state, which is how indexes are created and maintained.

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