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I’ve been testing a little with searchBeta stage and must say it’s pretty great. It solves a lot of search problems we’ve had up until now with great ease. The only problem (other than it not being on M10 yet :-p) that I see is how do we develop with this Atlas-only feature locally? We develop in MeteorJS and this starts a local mongod which the app connects to which obviously won’t have this aggregation stage available. We could check if we’re running locally and code a fallback query I guess. Any better ideas ?

@Mark_Lynch Thanks for your feedback on Full Text Search. It is still beta, but the team has been making improvements based on user feedback and an ambitious backlog.

The Full Text Search beta is currently Atlas-only, however we have recently added support to the free and shared tier (M0, M2, M5) clusters and are working on bringing this to the M10/M20 tiers. For some context on what’s involved, please see Text Search in M10/M20 and watch/upvote the associated suggestion to Support M10/M20 on the MongoDB Feedback site.

There is also a suggestion to add ability to test Atlas Search locally that you can watch and upvote on the MongoDB Feedback site.

Outside of testing on a free/shared Atlas cluster (which doesn’t meet your requirement for fully local testing), coding a fallback query is probably the best option at the moment.


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Now that Altas Search is out of beta, is there a plan to offer Full Text Search for locally deployed Mongo instances for local development use, or is using a free tier hosted solution the way to go?

Hi @Louis_Byers,

The relevant feature request to watch and upvote is still add ability to test Atlas Search locally as discussed above.

There currently isn’t an on-prem equivalent of Atlas Search, so the solutions are also unchanged: use an Atlas cluster (Atlas Search is now available on all clusters tiers running MongoDB 4.2 or later) or implement a fallback query for local testing.

For a local deployment/fallback you could perhaps use the more basic features of Text Indexes.


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