Atlas search Index in C#

Im trying to use the atlas search package in C#,
This is my C# code using autocomplete:

And im getting this error:

Also if possible, how do i use Fuzzy in C# autocomplete?

Couldn’t found any of those mentioned options anywhere on internet.
Much appreciate the help and the time helping me!

The error suggests that you need to modify your search index to ensure that ProfileName is of type Autocomplete. Could you share your index definition and the full C# query code rather than a picture?

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I fixed this problem by changing the default index using the following JSON:
“mappings”: {
“dynamic”: false,
“fields”: {
“ProfileName”: {
“foldDiacritics”: false,
“maxGrams”: 8,
“minGrams”: 3,
“type”: “autocomplete”

Now im trying to use sort by textScore and use fuzzy, how do i use fuzzy on autocomplete or regex?

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