Atlas Search highlight query matches, not content matches

Hi everyone, I stumbled on this issue, I have a search query composed of multiple should clauses:

{'index': 'default',
             {'should': [
                 {'query': 'artificial', 'path': 'child',
                  'fuzzy': {'maxEdits': 1, 'prefixLength': 4,
                  'maxExpansions': 512}}},
                 {'query': 'intelligence', 'path': 'child',
                  'fuzzy': {'maxEdits': 1, 'prefixLength': 4,
                  'maxExpansions': 512}}},
               {'query': 'articlies', 'path': 'child',
                 'fuzzy': {'maxEdits': 1, 'prefixLength': 4,
                 'maxExpansions': 512}}}]},
  'highlight': { 'path': 'child'}

This returns this match from the collection:

child: "articles"
highlights: Object
score: 1.408543348312378
path: "child"
Array: {value:"articles"}

Ok now I know that I matched articles, but how can I know that I matched ‘articlies’ (expecially fuzzy matches) in the original query?

Quick clarifying question: was this the only result returned?

No there were multiple matches, this was just an example.
I have a collections of entities and I was using atlas search to implement a fast fuzzy matching algorithm.
The issue is then I need to remove the matched words from the original query.

I’m not sure I’m following the goal. Can you share more about your use case? Are you by chance looking specifically for spelling errors to correct them?