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I want to know if is possible to create a Search Index with filter.

Example: I got 26 millions documents and i want to index in the search only recent documents.


Hi Jonathan -

You can filter to recent documents using the range operator and the compound filter operator.

In this case, you would have to set your own range (eg, “in the last 12 months”) but it might have the potential to miss results if there are no matching results in that time frame.

You can also do a more exhaustive search using the near operator to score recent documents higher, but in this case you would be matching against all the documents in the query.

Here is an example using date.


You dont understand, i think, i dont want to filter when i search.

I got collection with 100millions documents for example.
I want to know if is possible to index in the search index only documents after date by example (This give like 1millions documents not 100millions to index in search).
This filter can reduce size of my search index and only use fresh documents with search engine.


Take a look at


It might help to do what you want to achieve.

I dont think i can create Atlas Search Index with this method ?

I want to create partial index in Atlas Search

I am talking about this index creation, in Atlas Search

Hi Jonathan -

We don’t currently support partial indexes but it is something we are considering.

You can vote for that feature on our Feedback Page and you will be notified if it gets implemented.


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