Atlas Search Alternative (Partial/Fuzzy Text Search)


As a newbie developer, I have been improving my NodeJS, Express, MongoDB (with Mongoose) skills by building a small-size project. It will basically allow visitors to search for word(s) and get matched sentences from books as a result.

I already have a MongoDB collection that consists of 4 millions of unique sentences. In the future, the total number of documents in the collection will be more than 100 millions.

Example Data:

Adding a full-text search feature with mongoose is quite easy. However, all I need is to add partial and/or fuzzy search functionality to my project. I know Atlas Search is perfectly suitable for that but I have no enough budget to create dedicated MongoDB server in Atlas since I’m an unemployed person. My country is currently struggling for economic survival. So I cannot pay more than $40/month for text searching feature… Instead, I will create cloud server thanks to VPS providers like Hetzner at lower price.

What are the best and budget-friendly alternatives of Atlas Search? (Open-source preferred)

Thank you very much in advance!

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Hi @Ahmet_Serdar_Kocak , you can create Atlas Search indexes on free tier Atlas clusters.

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