Atlas mongoimport Failed: (AtlasError) collation not allowed in this atlas tier

I used mongoexport to export a collection from a local database, and I’m trying to use mongoimport to add the collection to a serverless Atlas database.

The import runs for some time, but then fails with this error:

Failed: (AtlasError) collation not allowed in this atlas tier

I’m not sure why it’s erroring about collation. Is it because the schema for the collection embeds other schemas? I used nodeJs mongoose to create the collection.

Thanks for any help

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May be BUG with serverless instance
Are you using any case sensitive userid/password
Did you try with another user
What is your cluster type free or paid?
For free tiers there are some restrictions

  • no case sensitive userIds or passwords
  • there’s only one user: me
  • Atlas free serverless
  • I couldn’t find any info about restrictions for collation. Did I miss something?

thanks for your help

Check this link