Atlas Hosted BI Connector Not Showing Mongo Views

I’m using the BI Connector with Tableau Online. The Connector is hosted in Atlas so there’s no drdl file that I’m aware of. I created some views in our db which show up in the list of collections. But when I connect from Tableau Online, it displays all of the collections except for the views. Since everything is hosted in Atlas, all I’m seeing is the connection info I use in Tableau Online but not anywhere I can add namespace options for the views. How do I connect to the Mongo Views?

Hi @Chris_Ulanowicz,

Welcome to MongoDB community!

Views should also be mapped as collections by the BI Connector.

I would check the following things:

  1. Does the MongoDB user connected to the BI tool has the needed privs to read the views?
  2. Is the current set sample interval was triggered to remap the new views?
  3. Are the views producing results? Empty Views are not mapped.
  4. Do you have less than 4000 collection/views/arrays in total? BI connector limit.

If none of the above is the root of this please open a case with Atlas support.